We know the admission process in Atlanta can be a challenge – just like it is in New York, L.A., Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and other major cities. At times demand for places can be greater than a given school can supply.

AAAIS, however, has long maintained a set of principles that hold our member schools to high standards when it comes to the admission process. Titled the “AAAIS Principles of Best Practice”, these are intended to help both schools and families guide everyone through that occasionally arduous process. Schools will post the Principles on their websites vs. handing them out as paper copies.

Common to AAAIS schools are admission process Common Notification Dates. These calendar dates establish clarity about when schools reply to families with admission decisions, and when families must then respond to schools with their own decisions. The aim of these deadlines is to give families a schedule for the application process, to clarify communication for all involved, to minimize mystery and intrigue, and to allow member schools to compete within a highly professional environment.

for the 2019/2020 school year:

Saturday, March 30 - electronic acceptance notifications sent
Thursday, April 11 - response due from parent