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Barnyard Manager

Barnyard Manager

School: High Meadows School
Available Position: Teacher

High Meadows School in North Atlanta (Roswell), Georgia is accepting Barnyard Manager applications. The school takes pride in hiring dynamic, compassionate, and diverse faculty and staff who are among the finest in their areas of expertise. This is a great opportunity for someone who loves to work and care for barnyard animals in an outdoor setting and enjoys teaching and inspiring children.

School’s Mission Statement
The High Meadows community celebrates and perpetuates each individual’s quest for knowledge and skill, sense of wonder, and connection to the natural environment. We empower each to be a compassionate, responsible, and active global citizen.

School’s Vision Statement
High Meadows School and Camp inspires adventurous learners who ask questions that drive learning and seek sustainable solutions in collaboration with others. Our students emerge as ethical leaders with the skills and habits of mind to grow and adapt as they discover a place of purpose and joy in an ever-changing world.

School’s Educator Summary
Our educators are experienced, energetic, and collaborative individuals who follow a constructivist, progressive educational philosophy which is student-centered and holds kids to high and reasonable standards. Our tenets of progressive education include: (1) embracing the world, (2) hands-on and inquiry-driven learning, (3) holistic approach to educating children, (4) social justice and sustainability, and (5) transdisciplinary learning.

We look for educators who maintain excellent relationships with families, work successfully within a team, understand developmentally appropriate practices for students, recognize the educational value of the natural environment and demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in their teaching practice. At High Meadows, we believe that children possess a drive for cognitive, physical, and social engagement—a drive that is developed and enhanced by an environment that promotes academic challenge, creativity, personal responsibility, and a positive self-image.

Position Summary
The Barnyard Manager is a 12-month, full-time, exempt position supervising one full-time barnyard manager assistant, several on-call, regular barnyard workers and volunteers. This position is also responsible for managing the animal program budget. The Barnyard Manager will be responsible for the domesticated animal program which includes the care, feeding and maintenance of equines (horses and a donkey), goats, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and a small fishpond. The Barnyard Manager also creates and coordinates all aspects of the Animal Program for the school and summer camp programs. This includes teaching Barnyard/Animal/Agriculture curriculum to Pre-K through 8th grade students and campers as part of the Connections team of educators, managing pony rides for younger students and campers (Pre-K through third grade students), helping with animal encounters at designated school and camp events (sheep shearing, for example), teaching animal focused 6th through 8th grade mini courses throughout the school year, and recruiting, training and managing year-round barnyard workers, parent volunteers and summer camp staff. The Barnyard Manager also works directly with teachers, principals and camp leadership to create programming that enriches the students’ learning experience.

Essential Job Functions:
• Managing all aspects of Barnyard maintenance and safe, healthy function. Responsibility extends year round with accessibility or designated delegation 24/7, including school breaks, weekends, and holidays.
• Promoting and maintaining best husbandry practices for our Barnyard animals, including the cleaning, feeding, social management, enrichment, and training of the animals.
• Training, supervision, and scheduling of Barnyard staff and volunteers, based on with developed procedures and animal husbandry expectations.
• Possessing basic knowledge of animal behavior, with specific experience in Positive Reinforcement/Science based training (R+) and environmental/behavioral enrichment.
• Having essential knowledge of animal first aid and assessment of common domesticated animal health issues.
• Budgeting, purchasing, and transporting feed, materials, medications, and equipment necessary for animal care.
• Arranging for vet, farrier, and equine dental visits; arranging transportation of animals to veterinary services as needed; and arranging crematory, burial, or removal services as necessary.
• Maintaining all animal areas, including maintenance, daily cleaning and seasonal adjustments.
• Arranging and assisting with special events, including sheep shearing, raising chicks, and the use of animals during all-campus events, and other duties as assigned by the Camp Director, Connections Principal, and/or Head of School

• Overseeing pony rides for Pre-K through 3rd grade students and campers.
• Planning curriculum and teaching Barnyard classes Pre-K through 8th grade students and campers.
• Collaborating with classroom teachers and camp specialists on integrating projects and experiences.
• Developing learning experiences in accordance with camp and school programming needs.
• Coordinating Barnyard volunteers and employees.

The Barnyard Manager will have the ability and willingness to switch between day-to-day animal care, current school and camp curriculum programming and long-term planning. He or she will be a person who takes the initiative to accomplish tasks and will collaborate with school leaders on behalf of the school and its animal care education programs.

Desired Qualities and Qualifications:
• Domesticated farm animal and equine experience required, preferred certification/documented training or equivalent.
• Experience teaching children of all ages, and training adult workers and volunteers.
• Successful experience supervising employees and volunteers as a mentor and leader.
• Microsoft Office / Teams skills for emailing, scheduling, maintaining records/documents, etc.
• Extreme attention to detail and dedication to the husbandry of the animals.
• Be able to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.
• Able to use tools and operate small farm, ranch equipment.
• Collaborative problem solver and intuitive relationship-building skills, personal flexibility.
• Good oral and written communication skills with teachers, camp staff, parents, facilities personnel, and outside organizations.
• Excellent physical condition for manual labor including lifting 50 lbs. and movement across 40 acres of campus.
• Able to administer basic animal first aid and oral medication.

Minimum Education/Prior Experience/Qualifications Required
Minimum of three to five recent and consecutive years as a full-time Barnyard Manager or similar.
Preference given to those with specific outdoor barnyard animal, farming experience in an educational environment.

Only those who directly submit a resume, cover letter indicating interest and educational philosophy directly to will be considered as an applicant for the position.

(Please, no phone calls. Only candidates selected for the next step will be contacted.) High Meadows School does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, national origin, religion, veteran status, sex, age or sexual orientation in employment, admission of students or in providing its services in any manner.

Contact name: Jane Murphy
Contact email address:

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