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Nurse – PT-2 days a week

Nurse – PT-2 days a week

School: Swift School
Available Position: Non-teaching Staff

Swift School is an independent school of approximately 180 students serving grades 1-8. Swift’s mission is to prepare students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences to be successful in life. Our core values include community, excellence, individuality, nurture, and potential. Our teachers are passionate about teaching children with learning differences. We recognize that each child is unique, and our teaching approach, time frame, and expected outcomes reflect the student’s individuality. Given that students have a variety of needs, our teachers and administrators often interact with external support professionals to ensure the best overall academic plan for each student. The School Nurse will provide a safe and welcoming environment while assisting students in maintaining optimal health for effective learning.

• Candidate is a licensed registered nurse. State licensing requirements must be met and maintained annually.
• Computer competency with basic word processing, spreadsheet, internet applications, and database management.
• Ability to communicate successfully with all constituents in a school environment, including parents, students, and faculty.
• Adhere to strict confidentiality with all student and employee medical information.

Responsibilities Include:
• Establish, review, and maintain school medical and health policies and procedures
• When directed by the Head of School, meet and contribute to school-wide policies and procedures involving the health and safety of all employees and children in the school.
• Provide first -aid, medical care and services to students according to physician prescribed care and treatment orders. Create and maintain documentation of medical treatment plans, treatments performed, and all other medical services provided
• Maintain student immunization and other medical records; follow confidentiality and privacy rules and regulations
• Confer with students, parents, and faculty regarding medical treatment and student health while maintaining strict confidentiality.
• Coordinate with local health agencies and medical treatment facilities as necessary.
• Respond to emergency medical situations; perform first aid and/ or emergency treatments as indicated/needed; coordinate with local emergency personnel and agencies as required
• Provide employee training on medical conditions as needed in regard to current student conditions.
• Manage non-medical personnel who may also provide services in the school clinic.
• Provide dining service personnel with accurate detailed information on individual student and employee food allergies and intolerances. Liaison with parent and dining personnel
• Maintain inventory of supplies and materials needed in the clinic and elsewhere on campus.
• Maintain AEDs.
• Ensure required clinic cleaning and sanitization procedures are followed.
• Support the mission of the school and its leadership

Contact name: Ellen Ascher
Contact email address:

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