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Speech/Language Pathologist

Speech/Language Pathologist

School: Mill Springs Academy
Available Position: Teacher

The Speech/Language Pathologist will play a crucial role in supporting students with language-based learning difficulties by providing comprehensive speech and language services. They will be responsible for collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to support the students’ speech and language needs in the classroom.
• Organize and conduct a screening and/or referral process for students needing a speech/language evaluation due to potential speech/language difficulties.
• Assess students to evaluate speech and language functions.
• Complete comprehensive and appropriate evaluations according to State Standards.
• Provide a complete diagnostic summary report including a summary of evaluation information and educational relevance.
• Determine need, length, and frequency of services.
• Plan the clinical program for students who have been identified as speech/language impaired, speech impaired, and/or students having related disabilities with communication needs.
• Maintain ongoing assessment to verify progress toward established goals.
• Participate in faculty meetings and parent conferences.
• Develop a schedule that will fit the needs of the students, school, and faculty.
• Collaborate with teachers to inform classroom instruction for students with specific language needs.
• Co-teaching with language teachers provides opportunities for students to transfer skills and work on reading and listening comprehension goals in the classroom environment.
• Attend workshops and in-service training to obtain up to date information in the area of speech and language and maintain required certifications and licensure.
• Provide in-service teacher training as appropriate.
• Other tasks as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Head of School.
• Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Maintains ethical conduct, Required Education, Qualifications, and Experience.
• Board Certified Speech/Language Pathologist OR • master’s degree in psychology, education, or related field AS WELL AS:
o Two years of experience in speech/language pathology.
o Master’s degree in psychology, education, or related field.
o Strong oral and written communication with parents, children, and colleagues.
o The ability to create a classroom environment where students feel safe, supported, and challenged.
o Team-oriented with strong organization and collaborative skills.
o Growth mindset and ability to use feedback to improve practice.

Essence of the Job
● Consistently be present in the hallway outside and greet/monitor students.
● Meet with students individually and in small groups as needed.
● Work with the E4 team to support teachers and students.
● Work with Principals to devise student behavior plans or contracts as needed.
● Respond to all emails within 24 business hours-if not possible acknowledge the email and let them know when you will respond in detail.
● Protect the confidentiality of students by engaging in professional discussions within appropriate settings.

Interested applicants must complete the online application on the Careers Page at

Contact name: Patsy Beckwith
Contact email address:

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