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Upper School Biology Teacher

Upper School Biology Teacher

School: Mill Springs Academy
Available Position: Teacher

Biology Teacher (US)

The teacher will provide opportunities for maximum student development and growth through developmentally
appropriate learning experiences. The teacher will design and implement a wide variety of instructional strategies that
will accommodate various abilities and skills in accordance with the school curriculum. This is a full-time position
teaching five academic classes. After-school opportunities are available.
● Design coursework that includes project-based, student initiative-driven units and labs, incorporates hands-on
learning and out-of-the-box thinking.
● Track student performance; evaluate programs and student progress (conferences, written evaluation, and written
daily correspondence).
● Effectively adapt teaching methods, instructional materials, and learning opportunities to meet students' varying
needs and interests.
● Instruct and encourage individual students; establish goals for individualized students and small groups.
● Implement and model the school’s social curriculum (Levels System/Community Structure) with a strong emphasis
on community.
● Assess student progress through observations, assignments, and assessments, and communicate and collaborate
with parents, other teachers, counselors, and administrators regarding students' progress.
● Maintain accurate and complete student records.
● Attend professional meetings, educational conferences, and teacher training workshops to maintain and improve
professional competence.
● Participate in student extra-curricular activities, such as sponsorship of clubs, involvement in after-school student
activities, and chaperoning student events.
● Manage the class and ensure engagement and discipline.
● Attend staff meetings, and serve on committees as required.
● Select, store, order, issue, and inventory equipment, materials, and supplies.
● Additional duties as assigned by the administration.
Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
● Bachelor’s degree (preferably a Masters); a minimum of 3 years teaching experience
● A Special Education degree or endorsement is also a plus.
● Experience teaching students with learning disabilities and an understanding of different learning styles and skill
● Highly creative, flexible, innovative teaching style that engages all types of learners.
● Ability and desire to be a team player and be able to build positive working relationships with colleagues.
● Ability to develop positive rapport with students.
● Superior communication skills (both written and oral) and communicate effectively, both orally and in writing,
with students, parents, and other professionals regularly
● Demonstrate computer literacy and proficiency (e.g., word processing, spreadsheets, email, Internet, presentation
software, and online grade book programs). Experience with Smart Board and FACTS (Ren Web or another
learning management system) technology; must have a working knowledge of Google Classroom and its
appli Integrate practical, real-world applications of biology concepts to enhance student understanding and
appreciation of the subject.
● Integrate practical, real-world applications of biology concepts to enhance student understanding and
appreciation of the subject.
● Utilize hands-on activities, experiments, and field experiences to connect theoretical knowledge to practical
● Demonstrate an innovative mindset by exploring and implementing new teaching methodologies and
● Adapt instructional approaches to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of students with learning differences.

Essence of the Job
Essential Functions:
● Instructing
● We are seeking a dynamic and passionate Upper School Biology Teacher to join our dedicated team at Mill
Springs Academy . This position is specifically designed for students with various learning differences, and the
ideal candidate will possess excellent classroom management skills, utilize inquiry-based and project-based
instructional techniques, and incorporate multi-sensory methods to engage students in the learning process. We
are looking for an educator who is flexible, innovative, and committed to using practical real-world applications
to make biology concepts accessible and meaningful to students with diverse learning needs.
● Employ a variety of teaching strategies, including multi-sensory techniques, to accommodate diverse learning
styles within the classroom.
● Foster a positive and inclusive learning environment that encourages student participation and engagement.
● Attending division and school-wide faculty meetings.
● Attending Professional development training as directed by supervisor.
Work Environment:
● Works in a collaborative environment dealing with a wide variety of challenges, deadlines, and a varied and
diverse array of contacts.
● May work at a desk and computer for extended periods of time.
Required Safety Equipment:
● Physically able to occasionally lift up to 30lbs

Contact name: Patsy Beckwith
Contact email address:

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