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High School Lead Science Teacher (Fall 2021)

High School Lead Science Teacher (Fall 2021)

School: The Howard School
Available Position: Teacher

School Profile: The Howard School educates students with language-based learning disabilities and learning differences through instruction designed to complement and address each student’s individual needs, and to help each student understand and advocate for his or her own learning process. The curriculum focuses on depth of understanding to make learning meaningful and therefore, maximize educational success.

Position Purpose: The candidate must be comfortable teaching “Broadfield” science in grades 9-12, including coursework Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, Robotics, and/or Biology. The Lead Teacher is responsible, in collaboration with the teaching team, for creating a vibrant, student-centered language rich environment that supports the learning and personal growth of each student. He or she must be skillful in establishing a strong relationship with students and creating learning opportunities that motivate and inspire students to develop all aspects of their profiles. The Howard School recognizes and celebrates learner passions and strengths, while also addressing their disabilities and weaknesses, and believes that learners are neither defined nor limited by labels. We seek an experienced educator to join an interdisciplinary team who is committed to interactive project-based learning, student self-knowledge and self-advocacy, collaboration, flexibility, and humor. They must possess the insight and skills to participate fully on a team which brings research-based expertise, depth of experience, and enthusiasm to a full and robust academic program that includes the arts, technology and athletics.

Essential Functions
• Develops a multi-sensory inquiry-based science curriculum that adopts an investigative approach to learning based on national, local and school standards
in science education and research and knowledge of developmental behaviors
• Delivers high-quality, engaging instruction in the form of discussion, direct teaching, demonstrations, and independent practice using a variety of proven
* Collaborates closely with speech-language pathologists to create specific guidelines and rubrics for creative and formal assignments, as well as accessible graphic organizers
• Creates a balance of opportunities for designing and conducting experiments, engaging with labs, and other hands-on science activities
• Develops lesson plans and supplementary materials compatible with the division’s basic instructional and philosophical standards; provides individualized and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student and subgroups of students
• Translates lesson plans into learning experiences to effectively and actively engage students
• Evaluates reading and writing skills and social growth of students, through writing student Learning Profiles, facilitating student-led conferences, and documenting student progress through the school’s on-line communication and record keeping systems
• Guides students to know their own profile and to advocate for their learning needs
• Seeks and chaperones regular field experience opportunities for students that extend the classroom into the broader community
• Works collaboratively with the teaching team on behalf of students, and seeks the ideas, feedback or advice of colleagues as an integral part of effective planning
• Integrates modern technologies, media and other tools into instruction
• Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior through relationship, positive reinforcement and support to provide an orderly, productive classroom environment
• Identifies student needs and cooperates with other professional staff members in assessing and helping students solve learning and social-relational problems
• Participates in faculty committees and the sponsorship of student activities
• Administers or facilitates testing in accordance with division testing practices
• Models nondiscriminatory practices in all activities
• Serves as advisor to a group of high school students and is responsible for coordinating those students’ learning profiles
• Regular and predictable attendance is an essential function of the job
• Performs other duties as assigned

Other Duties:
• Maintains professional competence by attending staff development programs, curriculum development meetings and other professional activities.
• Participates in various student and parent activities which occur in school including PA, student clubs and after-school activities.
• Creates an effective learning environment through functional and attractive displays, bulletin boards, and activity/learning centers.
• Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Principal or other appropriate administrator.

Teacher Characteristics:
• Committed to best practices for the education of students with language learning differences and disabilities
• Committed to and skilled in differentiation
• Committed to designing and adapting instruction to meet a range of student learning needs and interests
• Committed to multidisciplinary instruction, encouraging students' creative expression, incorporating student interest and passions, and developing critical thinking
• Curious about the world of ideas across multiple disciplines, and excited to teach across different disciplines.
• Highly collaborative and excited about generating curriculum and assessment ideas in a team setting
• Curious, creative, self-reflective, and willing to take initiative and run with new ideas

• Bachelor’s degree required
• Advanced degree and 3-5 years of classroom experience working with students with language learning disabilities and differences preferred
• Desire to plan and work collaboratively on a team essential
• Ideal candidates have the attributes of flexibility, humor, collaboration, creativity, and passion for emerging research and pedagogy
• Flexible teaching background and interest in teaching electives, coaching and/or advising clubs is a plus

Contact name: Claudia Ramos
Contact email address:

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