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Laptop/iPad Technician and Customer Service Rep.

School: The Galloway School
Available Position: Non-teaching Staff

Reporting to the Director of Technology and under the supervision of the Network Administrator, this position will manage the day-to-day logistics, inventory and repair of the school’s fleet of 1200 MacBooks, 200 iPads and 100+ Chromebooks. Located in our technology service counter this position will provide a customer-centric retail-like experience for the school’s users by offering general troubleshooting, software help, and issuing loaner devices.

 From 7:30am to 4:00pm, this position will operate the school’s technology customer service counter where students and teachers come for help with their school provided devices.
 Promote a sense of collaboration and community by providing stellar customer service and a welcoming, supportive environment for users.
 Facilitate mass deployment of new devices as the school maintains its 1:1 deployment.
 Diagnose hardware/software and fix software problems with Apple MacBooks and iPads, providing face-to-face support for users as needed.
 Issue loaner devices, manage and track onsite and offsite repair process, retrieve and return the repaired devices to users, and reclaim loaners; keeping strict records throughout the entire process.
 Use the school’s mobile device management platforms (JAMF), to install, deploy, configure, update and remotely troubleshoot MacBooks and iPads.
 Maintain the school provided device loaner pools, using physical documentation and department’s current digital asset systems.
 Communicate with customers often and well, keeping them informed of the status of their support issues and helping them reach the solutions that make the most sense for their classroom, learning, etc.
 Provide user login assistance by resetting passwords and troubleshooting login issues with several systems and databases.
 Build, test and deploy current and updated approved deployment configurations
 Oversee, document, summarize and submit repair costs for budgeting and billing
 Serve as a member of the campus technical support team

Contact name: Caleb Brown
Contact email address:

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