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Learning Specialist Full Time or Part Time

Learning Specialist Full Time or Part Time

School: Swift School
Available Position: Teacher

Swift School is an independent school serving grades 1-8 located in Roswell, GA 20 minutes north of Atlanta. Serving a population of approximately 170 students, Swift’s mission is to prepare students with dyslexia and related language-based learning differences to be successful in life. Our core values include community, excellence, individuality, nurture, and potential. Our teachers are passionate about teaching children with learning differences. We recognize that each child is unique, and our teaching approach, time frame, and expected outcomes reflect the student’s individuality. Given that students have a variety of needs, our teachers and administrators often interact with external support professionals to ensure the best overall academic plan for each student. A Learning Specialist is responsible for assessing areas of difficulty, working with students, and supporting teachers in such a way that results in students achieving academic success in accordance with Swift School policies.

A Bachelor’s degree or higher in Special Education or related field of study
Successful teaching experience in the field of language based learning differences
Current teacher certification P-8, Special Education preferred
Orton-Gillingham training with experience as a practitioner preferred

Responsibilities Include:
Teach learning strategies in small and large group settings to students
Collaborate with and serve as a resource for teachers to provide enrichment, reinforcement, and accommodations/modifications
Assist and instruct students who require additional remediation
Establish quarterly goals for student achievement
Effectively communicate with parents regarding student progress
Utilize all data available concerning student learning to craft instructional programming
Modify and plan instruction according to learner profiles
Provide formative and summative data concerning student progress as required

All faculty and staff members at Swift School are expected to:
Overtly support and act accordingly with the school’s mission and values.
Foster a predictable and supportive environment for students
Interact with colleagues in a respectful and collegial manner that fosters a healthy and professional culture.
Demonstrate knowledge of a student’s learning profile through appropriate planning and preparation for effective instruction.
Uphold professional standards of personal presentation, punctuality, preparedness, courtesy, and discretion.
Appropriately carry out specific assignments as determined by the leadership of the school.
Provide appropriate and timely communication to students and families.
Honor the confidentiality of school, student, family, and employee information.
Comply with the policies and procedures as articulated in the school

Contact name: Roni Battoglia
Contact email address:

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