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AAAIS Features a Variety of School Choice

One of the strengths of AAAIS member schools is in the variety of philosophies they embody. All are grounded in sound educational research, and all are successful. Here are some examples:

  • Some have a focus on working with students who have special learning needs or provide a “school within a school” to provide that assistance.
  • Size ranges from under 50 students to over 2500.
  • Some have a religious affiliation.
  • Some are either single-sex or provide opportunities for single-sex education in a co-ed school.
  • Some have a boarding school component.
  • Some begin with toddlers, others with high school.

AAAIS represents a variety of distinctive schools, offering families the opportunity to find exactly the right school where their child can really thrive.


The Atlanta area has one of the largest number of private-independent schools in the country. The 70+ schools that are AAAIS members, through their collaboration and Principles of Best Practice, provide the highest standard of independent school education in the region.

AAAIS member schools share many characteristics:

  • Accredited by a regional or national agency, recognized by all colleges in the U.S.
  • Governed by a supportive board or council, whose focus is on strategic planning and support, never on controlling the day-to-day operations.
  • Provide education through at least the third grade.
  • Are NOT home school hybrids, daycare centers, or online virtual schools.
  • Devoted to service and community outreach.
  • Dedicated to nondiscriminatory practices and policies.
  • Engaged with parents, grandparents, alums, and community leaders.

An independent school is ultimately a community – a community with values, vision, and clear-eyed viewpoint about learning.


Independent schools operate not by governmental taxes – but by tuition, donations, endowment, and other fund raising.

Many schools offer need-based financial aid – not athletic or other scholarships, but aid based on family income. Still, we recognize that admission to a AAAIS school is a financial commitment. We also know, however, that education is a commitment that serves a child – and a family – for a very, very long time.

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